L'ART SENSUEL ET VISIONNAIRE              Huiles sur toile / Oil on canvas

On the way to the immensity and the dream, Sylvie Breysse  gives to form a fullness and soul. The blue, predominating colour in hers original oil painting  launches a new state of perception and allows to consider in transparency.  Sylvie Breysse is surely contemporary, even visionary… Taken on an aura of blue, she lets you in into a new world and a new dimension.  Sylvie BREYSSE Autor  She created and illustrated sets of tarot. Every true artist one is inspired. Already by nature, he is prepared and predisposed to intuitions.  
Métamorphose - Huile-Acrylic-Encre
Mondes parallèles - Huile
Oeuvres à l'Aveugle
Transparence filigranée - Fusain
Oeuvres à 4 mains - Huile
Aluminium et céramique
Rires et Sourires
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