Emergent talents of the Contemporary Art
Sylvie Breysse certainly knows how to capture an audience with her paintings of beautiful and stylish women.
Painter of the imagination she works on canvas with oil, black chalk, charcoal but also graphics and ceramics on aluminum with a perfectionist desire to recreate the imagined image. She scrambles construction symbolic system to reveal the polysemia of the reason and to question the identities by the forms which they celebrate “These women are not they are the reflection of an interior questioning, of an eternal history" Romantic and mutant, these interior beauties work out the myth, and connect the mystery and the identification by their blue carnal dress.
Sylvie Breysse lives in Lyon in France and has participated since the 90s in many major exhibitions. Through individual and group exhibitions, she exhibited in France and abroad. Author 4 set of divinatory tarot, the artist has found its place on the contemporary art market by imposing a style of her own.
Sylvie Breysse is surely contemporary, even visionary… Taken on an aura of blue (an exceptional color which allows all the expressions) she crosses the mirror and lets you in a new world and a new dimension.