On the way to the immensity and the dream, Sylvie Breysse gives to form a fullness and soul. This rare artist, with unique personality, highlights another  subtle world where the games of shadows and of doubles become confused, where colours and signs mingle, where everything loses and takes its sense. Her works, such of ice crystals where mingle harmoniously strength and softness, moving between sophisticated  sensuality, mysticism and esotericism. The blue, predominating colour in hers original oil painting  launches a new state of perception and allows to consider in transparency.  Sylvie Breysse is surely contemporary, even visionary… Taken on an aura of blue, she crosses the mirror and lets you in a new world and a new dimension. "The Muses of Sylvie Breysse are essential beyond the time and of the pangs of the History, looking at the spectator of a spectral eye in the spheres of sensitive, between the tangible one and the dubious one, reality and survival fantomatique"
NEW  in GALLERY ROCK PAINTER POET A creative union of two artists. CHAMPIN DE LYON and Sylvie BREYSSE combines male and female - yin and yang. Artists live in France.